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Little kids

We help little kids express their big ideas.

Caregivers may come to us for a wide variety of questions or concerns about their little ones. Some parents may want to check that their child's communication is on track. Some children already have a known difficulty, difference, or diagnosis and are in need of support and service. 

  • Speech/articulation

  • Language 

  • Social communication skills (interacting with adults, siblings, and friends)

  • Functional communication skills (communicating to meet their needs)

  • Hearing loss/hearing difference

  • Fluency/stuttering 

  • Pre-literacy skills 

  • Primary readiness 

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

Location of services

We are located in suite 2123A in the Mumford Professional Centre in Halifax, NS. To find us, head through the main entrance, walk straight and up the stairs to the second level, continue straight down 'Corridor 3,' and you will find us on the right. An elevator is located just inside the main entrance, to the right. Free on-site parking is available in the Mumford Professional Centre parking lot. 

For families who would prefer sessions take place in their home, our mobile services are available. In-home sessions are offered to residents of the Halifax Regional Municipality. Additionally, many daycares, preschools, and independent/private schools accommodate our services at their facilities.

Finally, we continue to offer virtual services to families throughout Nova Scotia. Virtual services are offered using our secure platform.


*please see new fee schedule beginning september, 2024 at bottom of page*

Services are billed at $120 per hour. 

The cost includes preparation, documentation, and brief phone calls or email communication with the child's family, daycare, preschool, or other team members. 

Depending on your child's and your family's needs a 30 minute ($80) or 45 minute ($100) appointment may be appropriate. Therapy schedules are also recommended based on a variety of factors and may be weekly, biweekly, or periodic. 

For home visits or other community locations, the cost includes travel to/from the child's location (up to 20 minutes, after which a travel fee will be applied).

We accept convenient payment options including credit card, direct billing to Blue Cross, email money transfer, cheque, or cash. We also offer billing to third party funding organizations. 

Most insurance plans cover some or all speech-language pathology services up to a set amount. Please check with your provider about what your plan offers.

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