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Lego Club

Bridges Speech and Language is thrilled to now be offering Lego Club at the clinic. Please read on to learn more! 

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What is it?


Lego Club is our version of “Lego Therapy,” an evidence-based program that aims to build a child’s social communication skills and confidence. At Bridges Speech and Language, we’ve adapted the structure of the program slightly, to allow for structured and unstructured session time. Goals of the Club are focused on empowering children’s communication and social confidence. In Lego Club this is done not by directly teaching “social communication skills,” but rather by providing a safe and supportive environment with peers, that naturally fosters interaction and communication. The speech-language pathologist acts in a supportive role, encouraging the children to take the lead on building and problem solving.

Lego Club groups run for 6 weeks at a time, meeting once per week. Group size is kept small, at just 3-4 kids per group. The cost of the group is $65 per session, per child. Check out our brochure for more information:

I'm interested!

Participants are grouped based on age, personality, and interests. If your child is interested in participating now or in the future, please get in touch!

Is it a good fit for my child?

Lego Club is most successful with school-age kids who are able to participate alongside peers in both structured and unstructured activities and play.

Upcoming groups...

May 25th - June 29th, Saturdays with Kim McIvor, Speech-Language Pathologist 

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